Veterans Affairs Medical Center Replacement Facility New Orleans, LA

Client    NBBJ
Size    1,600,000 SF
Cost    $800 Million
Services    Building Code / Life Safety Consultation

The project includes the following components:

•       Inpatient, 200-beds (4-stories)

•       Diagnostic and Treatment (5-stories)

•       Outpatient, Medical Office (7-stories)

•       Transitional Living (4-stories)

•       Two Parking Garages (7-stories)

•       Central Energy Plant (50,000 SF)

•       Concourse Connection (4-stories)

•       Remodeled Administration Building (6-stories)

•       Remodeled Research Building (4- stories)

CCI was the Building and Life Safety consultant, ensuring project compliance with all applicable VA design standards. This included development of an overall code approach to address the project's fire protection and life safety challenges. The approach included:

1.      Single building classification for many components to avoid the otherwise fire rated separations required between the components.

2.      Innovative floor opening designs as high ceiling spaces and mezzanines to avoid atrium classifications and smoke control systems.

3.      The use of glass protected by sprinklers to achieve equivalent fire ratings at exterior walls for horizontal exits and exit stairs, and protection of floor openings.

4.      Horizontal exit designs and exit stair lobby discharges.

5.      Application of the unique VA interstitial space design parameters.